Master & Doctoral studies

The Laboratoire de Psychologie des Pays de la Loire is a support and supervision structure for master and doctoral studies.

Find out more about the doctoral programme : becoming a PhD student (entering the PhD programme, financing your PhD, registering for the 1st year, re-registering for a PhD, defending your PhD).

Look at the list of lecturers authorised to supervise PhDs at the LPPL.

Doctoral school

A PhD student is attached not only to a research laboratory but also to a doctoral school. LPPL doctoral students are attached to the Education, Cognition, Language, Interaction and Health Doctoral School (ED ECLIS).

Manager of the ED ECLIS (missions: management of courses, calls for tender, website and organisation of decision-making committees)
Nantes Université - Elodie CHASSAGNE  :

Site managers (missions: management of registration, modification, re-registration, PhD committees, additional time and PhD defences)
Nantes Université - Elodie CHASSAGNE :
Université d'Angers - Manuel FERRER :

Master's degrees combining vocational training and research

The laboratory is also involved in a number of combined master's programmes (involving both vocational and research training) developed by its lecturer-researchers at Nantes Université and Université d'Angers.

In Angers

Master in Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology and Health Psychology
  • Track : Child Neuropsychology
  • Track : Adult Neuropsychology
  • Track : Psychology of Normal and Pathological Ageing
Master in Social Psychology of Work and Organisations
  • Track : Social Psychology of Risks and Safety: Mobility and Transport
Master in Psychology of Education and Training
  • Track : Life-long orientation

In Nantes

Master in Social Psychology of Work and Organisations
  • Track : Social Psychology and Psychology of Work: Intervention practices in organisations
Master in Psychology
  • Track : Clinical Psychology and Multiple Psychopathology (CliPP)
  • Track : Psychology of Cognitive and Clinical Disorders (PP2C)
  • Track: Child and Adolescent Psychology: Prevention, Assessment and Support (PEAPEA)
  • Track : Psychopathology, Clinic and Health (PCS)
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