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Le LPPL partenaire du programme URBINAT financé par l’Europe Horizon 2020 Financement :European Commission; Horizon 2020 Porteur : Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Responsable pour le LPPL : G. Fleury-Bahi 29 partenaires internationaux dont 7 villes européennes

URBiNAT | Urban Innovative and Inclusive Nature focuses on the regeneration and integration of deprived districts in urban development through innovative Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) – an Urban Inclusive Nature – ensuring sustainability and mobilising driving forces for social cohesion; specifically, on “public space” and on creation of new urban, social and nature relations with and between different neighbourhoods.

To identify NBS that create relevant social, economic and environmental impact and promote human health, the consortium gathers 7 European cities that will develop the co-creation of Healthy Corridors as an innovative and flexible NBS, which integrates itself a vast array of NBS emerging from community-driven design processes. The cities will act as living laboratories, in which ecologic, cultural, social and economic impacts will be assessed.

Contribution of the LPPL to the project : Studying how NBS could contribute to quality of life and well-being in deprived urban areas.