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  Prochain séminaire du LPPL
"Les fonctions exécutives chez l'enfant" par Amanda GUERRA et Arnaud ROY le lundi 21 septembre 2020 de 14h00 à 17h00
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Salle T203 pour le site de Nantes et salle Frida Kahlo pour le site d'Angers

Currently, the neuropsychological evaluation of executive functions (EF) has been the object of increasing research interest. Despite national efforts in the elaboration and adaptation of tests and tasks that assess EF in childhood, there is still remarkable dissatisfaction with the validation and standardization of available tests, as well as a lack of specific batteries for the evaluation of EF in the pediatric population in Brazil. This limitation hinders the knowledge about the semiology of EF disorders in children and limits the evaluation and research of typical development in Brazilian children. This study aims to provide Brazilian researchers and professionals with a battery of psychometric tests developed in France and simultaneously adapted to different cultures, namely, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Ecuador and Brazil: the Child Executive Functions Battery (CEF-B). More specifically, this thesis aims to analyze the psychometric properties of the Brazilian version of the CEF-B and to characterize the development profile of EF in children in the Northeast of Brazil. To achieve the proposed objectives, this study was carried out with 230 children from 7 to 12 years old with typical development of three cities in Rio Grande do Norte. The sample was divided into six age groups and each group was composed of approximately 40 children, homogeneously distributed by sex and type of school. A global effect of age was found for most of the EF measures evaluated. Gender effect was mostly non-significant, except for 4 of the 12 tasks. There was a significant SES effect on 8 tasks, all in favor of private school children. Exploratory factorial and correlation analysis showed a 4-factor EF structure, corroborating the theoretical distribution considered in the CEF-B. A developmental progression is evident in the results for all of the EF measures evaluated. While gender had little influence on EF, SES seems to significantly impact the development of EF. Regarding the psychometric properties, a satisfactory retest and internal consistency reliability coefficients were found. In addition, data on the effect of age, suggested good developmental validity of the battery. Although normative data are still lacking for other regions of Brazil, we believe that the next steps of this research will allow the clinical use of the CEF-B. These future investigations will provide clinical neuropsychologists with an improved theoretical basis for child executive development and tools for better identifying executive disorders in the pediatric population. 

Prochaines soutenances Thèses pour l'année 2020 de :
Alison CAILLE, le vendredi 3 juillet 2020 à 14h00, Salle T201 Bâtiment Censive - Université de Nantes.
Titre : Innovation managériale au sein d'une industrie aéronautique : Etude de l'effet des pratiques managériales habilitantes sur le bien-être et la perfomance des salariés.

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